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  • One Huge Virtual Game World supporting thousands of users
  • Unity Integration
  • Develop directly from Unity using GUI’s
  • No additional Languages or Scripting knowledge required for use
  • Having those nifty features commonly found in MMO’s:
    • User Account Management
    • Instance Support
    • Customizable Quests
    • Chat with Channels (Private, Group, Guild)
    • Inventory
    • Trading
    • NPC’s, MOB’s and Pets
    • Factions
  • Scalable for both Game World and Number of Users
  • Dynamic Load-Balancing with QuadTree System
  • LINUX and Windows Server O/S
  • MySQL Rational Database
    • Future Option to support Object Databases
  • Customizable Plug-In Scripts
  • Adhoc Game World Changes (make changes to the world without requiring a reboot)

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