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Unity's Bootcamp Infinite Terrain Demo

Here we show the first draft of our Terrain paging system, it allows you to have a never ending infinite world.

Unity's Bootcamp Integration Demo

This is a basic display of how easy it is to integrate Atavism Online into any Unity project. Shown here is Unity's Bootcamp, although not as easy as to plug and play, or drag and drop, or ring a door bell, the process is fairly simple and guess what, no programming. We will be bringing out tutorials later as we get closer to alpha.


Character Avatar Creation Demo

This video shows of the Character Avatar Creation portion for an upcoming game. Models are capable of being morphed, different sizes and colors. Along with this, clothing and armor models are also morphed to fit.


Non-Instanced Modular Housing

This video is of the first game video of Non-Instanced Modular Housing. This was created based on the community discussions from the round tables. Here you can see the grid system that is developed in the engine to support modular housing being built in real time. This means other players will be seeing how you are building your house as you are doing it. The Atavism Engine is the server side and we are using Unity as the client.


Unity MMORPG Kit Test 1

Atavism Online is a MMO development Kit being designed and developed for Unity. This is a pre-alpha test with basic spawning of mobs in the world. The mob templates gets created in Unity as a prefab. When a mob is spawned in real time it gets saved automatically to the server. In this version we only have roaming settings but more is to come.

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