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When will the Beta be ready?

    Closed Beta will be starting 23 May 2014, you can visit our online store to purchase access to it here:

               Purchase access now

    What Languages does Atavism use?

      Atavism servers are coded in Java with Plug-ins scripted in Python.

      What database does Atavism use?

        Atavism uses the rational database MySQL, which has been decided upon due to the upcoming MMORPG we are developing.  For those seeking to use an object database, such as NoSQL or MongoDB could be coded into Atavism, but will require intermediate to advance server programming.

        An independent developer could do this (instead of us) and if so, could sell this as a Plug-In or Server Modification at our store (when we get to that point).

        This could also be the same for a Database Cache Server (example, only contains account information of those who are online).

        Can Atavism support FPS (First Person Shooter) twitch based action?

          Atavism has not been tested for twitch based action capability for the Internet. However, it has been tested in a LAN environment with several players and was successful.  Unfortunately this is not a priority at this time.

          Can other genres (ie: Modern or Sci-Fi) be developed with Atavism?

            Yes, Atavism can be used for other genres besides Fantasy.

            Is the backend an authoritative server?

              Yes the backend is authoritative.

              Is zone instancing supported?

                Yes; Instances for Buildings, Dungeons, Lands, Planes, Dimensions, (insert whatever you can imagine here) are supported for groups of players.

                What Group and Chat Systems will be supported?

                  As of now, Grouping of Players are supported, along with Private and Group Chat Channels.  Friend List is set, but not yet Ignore List.  Guild Functions and Guild Chat are expected to be implemented during Beta.

                  Does Atavism support streaming/continuous worlds, or do you have to create distinct zones that you travel to?

                    Yes, to a limited extent (unfortunately we do not have an exact number, but it is massive). The server uses a quad-tree system to breakdown who or what can see who or what.  Thus a player only sees other players/MOBs/server-based objects that are close to the player, and to manage the data load.

                    How is MOB/NPC AI handled? Are there base behaviors or APIs? Is there anything that can be done via the Unity client that wouldn't require programming?

                      MOB/NPC AI is handled by the server, which makes sure that the positioning of MOBs across different clients are synchronized. Atavism will have a base outline of skills/abilities which will basically be a plug and play system where parameters may be adjusted. This will be for people that want to get started right away. More involved developers will be able to code their own systems as well so we are catering for the novices to the expert developer.

                      There are base behaviors for general roaming, patrols, combat, merchants and quests. These will also be usable without any programming skill.




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