Dragonsan Studios Atavism 2019 OP Advanced Our Advanced package can host up to 500 players simultaneously in your fantastical world. .. Product #: At_Op_001 Regular price: $999.00 $999.00

Atavism 2019 OP Advanced

Price: $999.00

With Atavism MMORPG Engine you can bring your game to life. Friendly interface along with documentation will guide you through all aspects of the Framework. Customizable built-in modules will allow you to create death and fear bringers races with brute force Orcs or Giants races or agile and fast skilled Elves. The most powerful day & night & weather system for Unity will make your game even more immerse. Your players will be amazed when they will experience transitions from sunny or warmly Summer full of flowers and beautiful colored areas to freezing their bones cold during a snowstorm..."Winter is coming", so group your players, build guilds, forge your own path with an economy like trading, resource gathering and crafting system. Give your players purpose by putting them on the path of right or wrong through the composition of quest and storylines. Test their strength and skills in PvP arenas and Solo or Group Instances. Create the most terrifying mobs which will put your game world into the darkness. Summon Heroes who can defeat them. Your imagination is the only boundary, you can achieve anything with Atavism.

OS: Linux 32 or 64bit (tested on CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8/9),
Java: 8,
DB: MySQL 5 / MariaDB up to version 5.7.

Unity: 2018.2+ Free or Pro to run Editor and client.

Basic knowledge of Unity.

Basic Knowledge of networking.

  • Atavism 2019 server software you can host wherever you want (1 active world server per license, up to 16 servers to split the workload if necessary),
  • 500 CCU (Concurrent Users - players simultaneously connected to the server at the specific moment)
  • Atavism Editor 2019 for Unity (user-friendly graphical interface working inside Unity Game Engine)
  • Full Atavism with Demo data and Demo Unity files same as in Atavism Live Server Demo Setup,
  • Access to Atavism Plugin server code (AGIS), with coding knowledge it allows to modify and adjust server-side logic),
  • 180 days of free updates and patches (it can be extended further at any point in time)

After completed purchase, the product will be instantly automatically available to download.