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World Streamer

World Streamer is a memory streaming system. By using it you are able to stream whole your game from a disc in any axis and space. You are able to create endless space games, 2D platformers, 3rd person, or any kind of game you want without loading screens during player movement. You could also create endless looped world. In few clicks your game is ready to be loaded from your disc! Now your scenes are as big as you want, without any limits. You could work on local area and update world by 2 buttons. You could also separate your world into layers like: lighting, ai, geometry or even separate them into local areas. It's perfect soluton for teams that work on the same area. World streamer is also useful for architectural presentation or in any application that you need to use as low memory as possible. With streaming you will reduce objects count in your scene. Thats will save your cpu , gpu power and you will only load them if they are necessary. Collider streaming give you ability to stream rooms and floors, only when player will hit room/floor area collider. You could build whole towns with interiors without performance hit. Ring streaming will replace your unity terrains by low poly meshes in far distance. Now you are able to stream your open world from disc in few clicks.


R.A.M - River Auto Material

RAM pack gives you ability to create very advanced river with flowmap automatically. Shader generates few cascade type by slope of the mesh. You simply drag and drop river material into mesh or you could create it by our advanced spline tool and a stream is done. With spline tool you could create even simple road - check our image examples. With all sliders and options you have full control on every river stage, you could control: specular, smoothness, speed, normal strength, tessellation strength, foam texture, shallowness, deep color, water depth and much much more. You could locally customize river or blend with other water systems by our vertex paint tool. With flowmap painter and system you could simply change local river direction to avoid stones etc. The river stream could work in every direction U, -U or V, -V of mesh UV map. Advanced river tool gives ability to connect/disconnect multiple rivers/lakes/sea in 1 place. Pack is compatible with road systems - easy road etc, world creator river systems. Shader could generate styled or realistic rivers, swamps, all depends on user setup. Reflections come from reflection probes, mesh from video have only 1000 tri so you will get great effect with even LP river mesh. Asset contains HQ ground textures with perfect height blend, best in use for our CTS terrain shader. Particles and road textures are also included Pack is also suitable as fountain shading like we shows at video. In last update we added swamp shading. Pack co-op with lava solution based on same spline system:


Mountain Trees - Dynamic Nature

This pack contain 8 PBR mountain fir trees in 42 prefabs. (21 standard prefabs + 21 vegetation studio prefabs). Trees could be placed in forest (special forest tree versions) or as standalone. All trees work perfectly with unity terrain and Vegetation Studio system (separated prepared prefabs and shaders). They are carefuly optimised and created from scanned data. Trees have low overdraw, drawcall usage and are very cheap in render. All trees contain wind shading. Trees could be overlayed dynamicly by snow, this feature also give you ability to adjust snow amount on trees at static scenes.


Advanced Foliage Pack 1

This pack is group of foliage models, textures and ground textures from our River Auto Material Movie. Asset data were scanned and carefuly optimised. Ground texture have perfect tiling and heightmaps for tesselation and heightblend. Perfect result you will get with our CTS pack. Profile for cts is also included - like in movie. Pack is compatibile and developed for VS (Vegetation Studio) asset but it work perfectly with other vegetation systems too. It contain auto foliage cover VegetationPackage (from video) for VS which give you ability to plant whole forest, grass land during ground texture painting. This mean you could plant whole forest and grass land by Vegetation Studio in just few seconds with our profile. Pack is suitable for unity terrain too it contain grass textures for unity billobard grass and mesh prepared for unity mesh grass.


Advanced Rock Pack 1

This rock pack is group of models, shaders and perfect tilled HQ terrain textures. Assets present very good on unity standard material but also with included shader give ability to blend model 1:1 with unity terrain or CTS. Assets are perfectly optimised and they will run even at mobiles. Textures are atlased and compressed into Metalic/AO/Smoothness format to reduce gpu usage. This format is 100% compatibile with unity standard shader but it reduce GPU usage and memory. Stones are perfect for river and landscape cover as you could see at attached movie. This rocks love to be scaled and after this operation they get totally different look. Models are auto covered by ground/snow/moss texture - you have full control over it and it's 100% compatibile with CTS ground shader. Pack contain full vegetation studio support for instanced indirect - super fast rendering!


Dynamic Nature - Starter

This pack is:
- group of HQ assets which will work with unity standard shaders and other systems;
- group of shaders which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow, if you want to use them;
- shader pack for CTS to get 1:1 compatibility;

Shaders need shader model 2.0-3.0 so they supports even old mobiles.


Multiple Terrain Brush 2.0

Multiple Terrain Brush is an editor tool with brushes for heightmaps and textures that work on multiple terrains. You can easily paint heightmap and textures, without switching from terrain to terrain. With multiple terrain burshes you can avoid terrain holes in borders during height map painting and editing. Brushes also contain smooth which is stitching and it's removing terrain holes.


Park Photo Scanned Assets

This pack contain carefully optimised, modular, atlased photoscanned and scuplted assets. Lod's are higly optimised tri are from 7/4k to even 8 tri so pack is very cheap in render, it's even suitable for mobiles and vr.

* Foliage from video is our Dynamic Nature - Starter pack.
* Fountain and river materials are from our R.A.M - River Auto Material pack, which are also suitable for fountains.


PBR Graveyard and Nature Set 2.0

This pack contains extremely huge amount (over 2000) of modular, PBR, sculpted, and photoscanned assets. You could build with them: cemetery, interiors, nature background. All assets are high-quality optimised and atlased models with 3-4 LODs. Music from old video, is also included in 2 variants: movie trailer and short ambient.



Welcome to GAIA the artist friendly all in one terrain and scene generation system for Unity 3D that allows you to create the stunning environments that even Skyrim would be proud of - in just minutes!!


CTS - Complete Terrain Shader

Welcome to CTS, the Complete Terrain Shader for Unity 3D!


GeNa 2

Welcome to GeNa 2 the Rolls Royce of spawning systems for Unity 3D that helps you to create stunning environments fast!!
GeNa gives you the flexibility to go fully procedural or fully manual or somewhere in between, and helps you to bring your vision to life by quickly and naturally placing grass, trees, prefabs or even structures made up of groups of prefabs such as villages.