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Atavism Server

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Atavism Online is a cluster of server processes designed to operate within a platform or cloud environment.     
Atavism provides a true full fledged massive virtual world for Unity. And that is meant by providing a huge world with load balancing able to support thousands of users. Not as how others are done by clustering multiplayer environments together with a common lobby. Additionally, Atavism is designed to minimize the amount of coding required in developing a MMOG or a MMORPG with Unity. Working with Atavism is by using a GUI within Unity, thus Unity is the tool used for world creation. Atavism can also be customized by modifying the plug-in scripts, which would require some programming experience. For those wanting to add in additional or unique features, Atavism can be modified at the source code, but is recommended that the developer have Intermediate to Advanced experience with programming.

Atavism can support one or multiple world servers which act as zones in traditional MMORPG engines. Each world server can cover approximately the size of the United States at a 1:1 scale with a precision of 1 millimeter. However, if there needs to be more segregation, additional world servers can be utilized together. Instance Servers (server processes created ‘instantly’) are supported which provides the means of able to control specific locations to a specific number of users.
For example, having a dungeon in which only 10 players may enter as one group. If there are more player groups, then additional dungeons are created to support those groups. All the while, no group will ever encounter one another.

In terms of use:

For Players/Users:
Players will first access the game world via Unity (Client or Browser) and log into the game world. Atavism will authenticate the Player as a New Player or a Returning Player. If a Returning Player, then an additional check is made to determine level of access (such as elevated subscriptions or banned). Once accepted the Player is then allowed into the Game World.
The Proxy Server handles the transactions between the User and the Game Servers. The Master Control Server ensures that all server processes are communicating with one another, while the World Server(s) conducts the affairs of the world environment. The Database Server and the Plug-In/Add-On Server supports the game world with either managing dynamic information (from the database) or static information (from files).

For Developers:
The Game World is developed by using Unity (Free* and Pro Versions) as the game world creation tool. Essentially a Developer acts as a Player, but has the administrative capabilities of using tools. Additionally, changes to the game world can be made during run-time, without the need for a server reboot.

Atavism supports all of the features that are expected with MMORPG’s; Account Management, Character Creation, Chat with Channels, Inventory, Faction, Guilds, Combat, NPC and MOB’s, etc. This along with the workload reduction of server/networking coding and an affordable pricing will provide Independent Developers the ability in designing their online virtual worlds.

* Unity Free Version may not be compatible with some Unity packages.

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