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Unity Client + Atavism Platform

Best for MMO

Atavism is the next generation networking platform that allows developers to streamline the process of adding networking capabilities to their game. With over 28 plugins available Atavism is one of the most feature-rich platforms currently available. Atavism On Premises allows you to host your own server where ever you want.
You can Currently buy your license from our Online Store for immediate access.
Key Features
Join over 4000 developers using Atavism currently. What comes with Atavism OP is a robust Unity Atavism Editor with over 28 plugins which can be modified to suit your production needs. You also get a external server which connects directly to MySQL/MariaDB database and manages all content that's on the server. Here is a comprehensive list of the plugins:
  • Data Base Plugin: Setup your database information and be able to link directly to it through the editor which allows you to do changes instantly to things pertaining to your MMO game.
  • Instance Plugin: Create and setup new instances in your game which can be anything from Dungeons you want players to explore or even a different world in one MMO.
  • Accounts Plugin: Control all player accounts from this plugin and set different access levels such as setting certain players as GM's in your game.
  • Mobs Plugin: Create any mob template from a click of a button with stats and loot you want them to drop, then spawn these mobs in-game where ever you want in real time. You can even spawn a dragon right in front of other players while they are standing next to you in game.
  • Loot Tables plugin: Setup different loot tables and drop chances of items for your mob templates.
  • Factions Plugin: Use this plugin to easily setup your different factions in your game as well as what their standings are to one another.
  • Quests Plugin: Create different types of Quests for your players which you then add to any NPC you want to give the quest out. Create a chain of quests that can guide your players through your storyline.
  • Dialogue Plugin: Create different dialogues for your NPC's. You can also use this system to allow multiple outcomes in the storyline depending on what a player chooses while speaking to a NPC or even allow access to certain quests only if a player asks a NPC certain questions.
  • Items Plugin: Create all the items for your game with this, add different stats to items and functionality.
  • Skills Plugin: A full skill system which allows you to open up skills when players level up with XP or level up their skill by using it like the old UO style game play. The choice is yours.
  • Abilities Plugin: Create different abilities for your players that can get when they have a certain skill. They can use these abilities in a wide range of ways from combat to crafting to professions.
  • Effects Plugin: Build your own effects for your game to make it unique like a melee-strike effect that deals physical damage or a magic effect that heals your player.
  • Coord Effects Plugin: Setup different animations, particles and more to run on events such as play an attack animation and a particle when you use a strike ability.
  • Stats Plugin: Design any type of stat you want for your game with this plugin.
  • Player Character Setup Plugin: Setup what races, stats and classes you want your players to start with as well as where you want them to spawn and how you want starter characters to look like.
  • Crafting Plugin: Design Your crafting recipes up to 16 ingredients. You can also setup crafting skill required for specific recipe along with crafting table.
  • Arena Plugin: Setup dedicated PvP instance for solo / group where victorious can be only one.
With all these plugins we also have standard things like chat channel, combat , full inventory system and much more in Atavism. The best part is you can easily use and incorporate other assets from the Unity Asset store into Atavism which will expand it even further for You.

Atavism - Platform overview

Make diference

  • One Huge Virtual Game World supporting thousands of users
  • Unity Integration
  • Develop directly from Unity using GUI’s
  • No additional Languages or Scripting knowledge required for use
  • Having those nifty features commonly found in MMO’s:
    • User Account Management
    • Instance Support
    • Customizable Quests
    • Chat with Channels (Private, Group, Guild)
    • Inventory
    • Trading
    • NPC’s and MOB’s
    • Factions
    • Combat
    • Grouping
    • Guilds
    • Quests
    • Crafting
    • Arenas
    • Mounts
  • Scalable for both Game World and Number of Users
  • Dynamic Load-Balancing with QuadTree System
  • LINUX and Windows Server O/S
  • MySQL/MariaDB Relational Database
  • Customizable Plug-In Scripts

Create race and class or use it classless.

Configure attributes for Your players, mobs and npcs.

Adjust types of skills, abilities, effect and visuals (coord effects) from revive, through damage single, area around target, player, up to crowd control like slow, immobilize, stun, sleep. You can also heal or reduce target attributes (debuffs) or increase them like buffs all along with damage over time (DoT) or heal over time (HoT). Because combat is very important part of MMORPG’s in most cases, we have very detailed combat system where You can adjust type of damage like crash, pierce, magic and whatever You will imagine and You can also adjust resistance for each. Also it’s possible to make for each ability to multiple effect for example fireball can deal instant damage but also can make additional damage over time, or Ice Arrow can deal some Icy damage while slowing down an enemy. There is also implementation of Duels which allows You to test Your players against themselves in trials of combat. Abilities can be active, so Your players will have to use them or passive so they can be added stacked etc.

You can prepare quests with multiple different objectives like kill some mobs or group of mobs, gather items or enter specific area which can be useful for scout types quests.

Mobs can have drops, like items, quest items, currency etc. after defeat they can give experience which can be also setup based on adjustable quality of it, like normal, elite / veteran, boss etc. Also You can increase attributes for each mob “template” to increase specific statistics for mobs or special bosses. You can also implement more variety by adjusting different resistances for them. You can also adjust roam radius and spawn delay after player will defeat that particular mob, also it’s possible to define patrolling path. Each mob can have different AI logic like use an Ability heal when it’s not on cooldown when health or any other attribute is below defined percentage level.

You can define crafting which allows You to setup up to 16 ingredients where it is divided into virtual grids 4 by 4 and it’s up to You if player has to put them into exact field or not.

Trading system allows You to direct trade between players but also it’s possible to adjust merchants with sellable goods where You can define how many items they have on stock and what is the time between restock.

It’s also possible to implement mounts which will give some boost for Your players like moving speed.

You can also have resources and interactive objects on the map, which will give Your world more variety, so You can put some Ores like Iron or Gold, but also some wood or plants to gather, but also items can be animated like animated chest hidden in the map for adventurers and explorers where drop will be randomly generated from predefined items.

For Items You can have armors, weapons, consumables, materials, junks, quest items, bags, ammunitions. Each type has option to make it sellable or unique but also it’s possible to make it bound on pickup or equip. Also it’s possible to set the price where You can choice from currency of Your choice. Of course there are also requirements for each like level, race, class or skill.

Then You can define Your world and instances where You can limit number of players per instance and when that limit will be reached by server then new copy of such instance will be created, which allows You to easily improve performance for Your clients.

These are only roughly possibilities. But it’s not only limited to that. At the end You also have access to partial server code which we called AGIS where all plugins are defined and You can change all definitions or add new ones for totally new features if You are willing to. In order to do this it’s important to have some programming skills as server side AGIS code is written in JAVA, but huge amount of possibilities are available for You without that need.

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