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Unity Client

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Unity is a popular game engine “with 400 thousand monthly active developers and nearly 2 million registered developers” offering vast resources and libraries. Unity would make for a perfect MMOG front end, except there has been no true MMOG or MMORPG platform until now. Atavism follows in the successful steps of Unity, and all the while to remain in the background letting Unity get the credit. As much as possible, all MMO development is to be done with Unity; allowing developers to focus with Unity and not worry about learning or dealing with servers and networking programming.
What can be done with Unity should be possible to support with Atavism. The difficulty in the matter is identifying the values that need to be managed and saved with Atavism. Once those are identified, plugging them into Atavism is a much easier process. In some cases the packages may have already been supported as an Add-On by NeoJac or by a Unity Developer; helping to save time and effort.

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