WillB Game Art
Will B Game Art has been Dragonsan Studios partner for a long time. If you are looking for different types of armors and costumes then this is the right place. The author not only have plate, chain, leather, and cloth armors but also outfits like dresses, shirts for example for a bartender, maid and different types of villagers. Among these many great elements, you will find additional body retextures, hairs, and faces which will make the whole more complete. These packages are for UMA or non-UMA characters (MB1 or FB1). We are highly recommended products of this author. He made many armors for our game (World of Heroes) as well, and some of them you can find as a part of Atavism package. So if you are looking for top quality character related content head to Will B Game Art website and see for yourself. Below, you will find some preview of his work.