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Gelatinous Cube & Sphere Pack PBR

Gelatinous Cube & Sphere Pack PBR is actually two "characters" in one. Inspired by classic Dungeons & Dragons, these monsters come with very customizable textures. They can be opaque or transparent, or anything in between -- clear, colors, multi-colored, metal & more. They can be emissive as well. Animations are fluid and very jiggly. Add some D&D to your RPG!


Demons Pack PBR

Demons Pack PBR is an incredibly details character, featuring 3 Body Textures, 3 Heads & hundreds of horn options. Horns include 11 sets of two in 3 styles, and can be mixed and matched or turned off altogether. Demons are "Crouching" creatures, so most of the animations & attacks include crouching motion. The rig is available as a Humanoid as well. Almost all body parts contain emissive values, which can be controlled using the included custom shader.


Imp Pack PBR

The Imp is designed to be the "Pawn" of the Hell Creature army. His wings let him get into the air, but won't keep him up for long, and his attacks are all physical using his hand and feet claws. The character comes with 4 body textures, all of which are fully customizable.


Slime Pack PBR

Slime Pack PBR is similar to a classic RPG character (Dragon Warrior NES!!!), animated and ready for use in your game. While simple, the texture customizations allow for dozens of very unique slime looks, including Metal & Stone slimes!


Mushroom Monster Pack PBR

Mushroom Monster PBR is a 2 Meter tall creature. He can be in any one of three static poses, waiting to surprise his opponent, or he can run around attacking and casting spells and even charging. He bashes his enemies with his head, can jump at them to bash them or run straight, head down. He also has a "magic" attack, twisting and slicing his head.

Use the Blend Shapes feature to morph the mesh into countless looks for massive customization.