Nature Manufacture
NatureManufacture is a studio founded in 2014 by Bartłomiej Galas, created by experienced developers. They develop high quality nature assets and deep, advanced systems for Unity Engine All of their virtual works will help you develop your own game!
Among their product you can find such pearls like Mountain Trees - Dynamic Nature, Advanced Foliage Pack 1, R.A.M. - River Auto Material, Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature, Advanced Rock Pack 1, or for Lava environments L.V.E - Lava & Volcano Environment, but in their portfolio, you will not only find beautiful and optimized models but also tools like World Streamer, which will let you gain incredible performance boost for heavy and dense scenes.

Check their profile and see for yourself, this is really top asset store publisher with lots of experience and quality behind and their products confirm it Nature Manufacture Asset Store profile.

Meadow Environment

Mountain Trees

R.A.M. - River Auto Material

Lava & Volcano Environment