Atavism FAQ

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In the Checkout provide your coupon code and click the Apply Coupon button


After your purchase is complete, you should be able to access your files using this direct link (in case of purchasing Icons, Models for UMA, or non-UMA). If you will purchase the Atavism MMO Framework then follow the how to start with Atavism documentation.

If you still need help, contact us using one of these methods:
discord: https://discord.gg/z95htJA
forum: https://forum.atavismonline.com/
mail: support@dragonsan.com

System requirements
What is the server specification for Atavism to handle XXX amount of players?
I want to purchase Atavism from the Unity Asset Store. Is this a permanent license or will I have to pay any kind of subscription?
What if I would like to downgrade my licence?
What is Atavism Maintenance Plan (AMP)
CCU - what's that?
My Atavism Maintenance Plan expired, how can I access updates?
What is back cover for Atavism Maintenance Plan (AMP)
Atavism Maintenance Plans (AMP) - witch one to select for my license?
I just purchased Atavism On-Premises License, whats next?
Can I modify and create new Atavism modules or the code is closed to any modifications?
I'm Atavism 2.x License owner, can I still use my license?
If I'll purchase Atavism On-Premises License should I also purchase Atavism Maintenance Plan?
I have Atavism license, do I need to convert it to get the newest version?
What benefits will I get after conversion to the new Atavism licensing model?
How to convert my license to the new Atavism licensing model?
I have many permanent licenses, and maintenance for some of them expired, some not, how they will be converted?
Will I lose my maintenance plan after conversion?
For the new licensing model there is only one Atavism Standard License 1000 CCU, what if I want to increase that number?
is Atavism capable to handle hundreds of players simultaneously?