Have You ever thought of having a fully customizable character system within Your grasp? Yes, it's possible, because Atavism is designed to support such a character system called UMA which is great right? You can adjust characters as You want and imagine that You can customize it even more. Yes, that's possible, because as we stated we want to make the best and most complete MMORPG Platform ever, we are very pleased to announce that we forged in that purpose another great cooperation with the superb producer of armors and outfits: WillB. Along with his great work, shiny, versatile plated armors, leathers, robes, villagers suits, pirates costumes, and much much more You will not only get those pretty and eye candy things but also in each package You will find necessary implementation files, what does it mean for You as a developer and our customer? No more tedious configuration, all are suited for Your needs, also You will get premade and generated examples of combined models with armors and costumes in place optimized and with necessary scripts and database entries in place.

UMA NPC Complete Pack

UMA NPC Complete Pack contains 14 male and female outfits dedicated to UMA 2.

What is in the package:
Wardrobe UMA 2 recipes
Male and Female
Demo scene