Angel's Fantastic Journey, which is WIP. The purpose of this project is to create a kid-friendly themed MMO (for PC and Tablet) that offers gameplay elements available in current MMORPG games. It is in a pre-alpha state with many updates coming. This project is developing by a single person.

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World of Heroes is an MMORPG that brings together players hungry for adventure with other players, interconnected common thread heroic rescue of the world, threatened by a terrible cataclysm. The most distant abyss come to life terrifying creatures willing to take over the land that yet knows our heroes, or meet the overwhelming superiority of the enemy and without fear will fight?


In World of Heroes we have such professions as a cleric, warrior, archer …. etc. so usually they start descriptions of similar games. Already at the stage of planning and designing the game we wanted to break with the convention and give you maximum freedom in the decisions taken the development of your characters.

Therefore, in the World of Heroes, you will not be forced to make a decision about the direction of your character on the stage of its creation.

In addition to selecting gender, character names, and visual effects you will not have to choose the class that really at the stage of creation would have no way of knowing, and a brief description of how it usually takes place in many other productions, not much talking about the gameplay would rather this did not help.

In the World of Heroes simply start your adventure and, as far as developing your character learn the skills, the use of which is restricted to the type of weapon that you speak, eg. If you have a sword you will not be able to use the skills reserved for the arc. Also in the reverse situation, it’s hard to imagine the performance of cutting or piercing thrust plate armor with a bow.

It all allowing you at each stage of the game to change the mode of managing your hero and his game-play, eg. change the mode of contact combat fighting using a sword to distance combat using arc or even change combat mode to support mode using magic healing weapons, so that you can support friends and other players.

But this is not the end of the unconventional elements that have prepared for you. Well, it will be possible to build our hero not only focused on the fight using one type of weapon, but it will be possible to combine the skills of both the weapons and the armor for example. Instead of a battle witch, who fights using powerful spells at a distance, wearing both armor cloth, which does not have excessive resistance to physical attack, it is possible to replace eg. armor linen in its entirety or only a few of its elements, the armor plate counterparts. The result will be significantly raised the parameters of such a defensive character while reducing the amount of mana possessed the power of magical attacks, but in turn, allow for the adoption of more attacks.

We will encourage you to build such unusual combinations and to check which model will be most suitable for you.

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The hero will have many attributes, among which can be distinguished:

– Strength
– Intelligence
– Accuracy
– Vitality
– Mana
– Willpower
– Potential
– Speed of movement
– Attack speed
– Resistance to stabbing damage
– Resistance to cut damage
– Resistance to magic damage
– Physical defense
– Critical attack
– Evasion– Parry

Attributes can be lifted up by increasing the level of character, learning of new passive skills or use of the active skills (buffing), but also the use of objects such as parchments or magical potions, which in addition to the effects of healing or regeneration, will have other magical properties to increase such: increasing damage, raising the strength or movement speed of the hero.

Ranger2Also, a very important element to increase our Hero attributes is an experience in using a particular type of weapon. For example, if Hero is fighting using a bow as a weapon then Archery skill will increase making attacks more accurate, more powerful, and with a higher chance for a critical hit. Different kinds of weapons will increase a different kind of skills respectively.

In World Of Heroes, we have two types of abilities, battle and general ones. The first type is divided into 2 main categories:

1. Active– they will require players action to trigger

  • Attack abilities – they will hit an enemy with all of the power including some special effects like stun, immobilize or sleep
  • Buffs – skills that will improve our Hero senses and attribute to be faster, hit harder, and be more resistant to enemy attacks. There are also buffs that you can cast on your friend, or an ally to improve him even more

2. Passive– after Your Hero will learn it, they will instantly improve his attributes without any need for action

All skills have cool-downs and not only separate for each skill but there is a global cool-down too, what does it mean? Well, after You will use any kind of active skill global cool-down will be activated, and let's say local cool-down for used skill will be activated too. This way we wanted to prevent players from spamming most powerful skills.

Skills will also have their own levels. You will be able to learn them by putting skill points into a specific skill, of course with a skill level cap.

It will be also a common thing that each skill will also have a requirement of other skill, so for example to learn Meteor Shower Your Hero will have to know how to use Fireball.

Except for requirements of other skills, Your Hero will have to have met the requirements of his level to learn a specific skill.

General skills are for gathering resources:

  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Herbaling

When Your Hero will become an expert in any of them, then it will allow gathering higher level and rare resources.

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In a Massively Multiplayer World where you can fight, craft, explore and live, Arcfall offers a game style that captures old-school RPG games with modern quality. Emerge yourself in a world where you can craft your own weapons and armor. Own your own house and fill it with furniture that enhances your character.  Hire merchants to sell your goods to other players making Arcfall a pure player driven economy.

Being a pure skill based game, every action you make adds to the growth of your character. Expand your network to include friends in your own guild and raid others to gain their riches or steal from their homes. Be warned when you kill someone and it is not outside of the King's Reign, you might get branded a murderer and hunted by all.

Sail across the world on your own warship and take on pirates on the open seas, or export goods to other towns and sell them at a profit. With so many different things a player can do, you can shape your character and gameplay to the way you want it, the end game is just the start of your adventures.

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You can own land in Arcfall by purchasing a deed. There are different sized lots and by placing the right deed to a lot, you claim ownership, allowing you to build on the land. As housing will exist in the persistent world, there will be a limited amount of lots to choose from. With each lot, there is an in-game currency tax which must be paid within a certain time period or the lot reverts to being for sale. Tax on the property can be extended through the purchased of tax deeds either with in-game currency or real money.  There are different categories of properties; mainly farm, residential and castle. Each property type has unique items that can only be placed on them. 


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There are different races to choose from when you create your Avatar. Each race has attributes that make it unique to other races. The most common race is Humans who heal faster than most races.

As Arcfall is a skill based system, where every action you do increases your skill, you can create any type of class. Be it a specific class where all your skills are built towards it or a hybrid of a class where you mix in certain skills, each player will be unique. Some players can specialize in crafting while others can be healers or warriors.

Crafting is very easy to get into. You can either purchase or find a recipe for an item you wish to craft and then by placing it in a specific crafting station with the resources it requires, you can craft the item. You will, however, need to be at a certain skill level to use certain stations and recipes. With many different biomes to explore the world, you can find and harvest many different resources. If you do not need them to craft, then sell them to other players on the open market.

Combat is fluent and takes you back to the old school games, where combining different abilities can have different outcomes. With a full loot drop system, combat is very competitive but players can choose to be in PvP mode as long as their karma level allows it. Karma levels decrease when stealing items or killing other players when your Karma is to low you will not be able to toggle back to PvE mode. Just make sure to get back to your body after your spirit is released within three minutes or someone else will be able to loot it.