Atavism X.6.0 is released

Release 10.6.0 21c31

Dear Developers,

We are pleased to announce that š—”š˜š—®š˜ƒš—¶š˜€š—ŗ šŸ­šŸ¬.šŸ² is live. Among many improvements, it contains also new quality features like Development Mode where you can modify the server-side configuration in real-time and without restarts as well as use in scene mob spawner to put or edit your mobs/NPCs. With this release, we also improved the performance of some servers like the proxy, mobs, combat, world manager, and faction by šŸ­šŸ¬šŸ¬% to even šŸ®šŸ¬ šŸ¬šŸ¬šŸ¬%. All of these should reduce your iterations time and improve your development performance.

We wish everyone a great weekend and happy development.

More details about other changes you can find here