Atavism X.8.0 is released

Release 10.6.0 21c31

Dear Community!

We are proud to announce that Atavism 10.8 was just released.

In this version, we have added a memory and threads tuning system, as many of you had some issues setting parameters for these resources properly. Now the server will analyze most resource-hungry elements like the number of mobs, items, skills, abilities, effects, etc. and based on them will set values accordingly, which can be further tweaked manually. You will also have a backup of these settings, so you could analyze how these settings changed over time. We believe that it will make Atavism easier to use and manage.

Another important feature that we implemented in this version is, what we called, Atavism AIO (All-In-One), where services are bundled, so there are only authentication, proxy, and bundled AIO. This reduces resource usage, memory by around 50%, CPU by 80%, and reduces services startup by approximately 65%. It will improve your productivity by speeding up iterations, server restarts, etc. It's perfect for one-server installations, development, and even for game tests. And the best part is that it's within the same server package and by changing one parameter you can start one version or another.

In addition, there are some feature improvements for item sets, socketing, and enchanting where you can now assign abilities and effects which gives you nearly unlimited options to provide bonuses and other elements through them.

There is also a new leveling system for players, where you can define rewards for each level and give items, skill/talent points, or invoke abilities, and effects, on level up or down.

Also, there are some improvements in server performance and bug fixes.

We also cleaned up the package structure and replaced some third-party elements with our own.

As usual, all details, including the upgrade procedure, you can find in the release notes https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-x-8/

We are sure that everyone will find something useful in this version and we can't wait to present you with features that we have planned for the next Atavism 10.9.