Atavism X is released

Atavism X is officially released.


Dear Community. You have been waiting for this release, and we are pleased to inform you that Atavism is finally live. Everyone can now use many goodies which we prepared, where among new features, improvements, and fixes we also introduced a totally new licensing model with many benefits for you. Now MMORPG development will not only be easier but also cheaper.

Atavism Maintenance Sale - up to 90% off

Insanely advanced MMORPG solution, only now, lifetime opportunity, Atavism Maintenance Plans are up to 90% off, so don't hesitate to get it while you can https://www.atavismonline.com/home/atavism/atavism-maintenance-plans
✔ Scalable and performant solution
✔ Graphics interface designed with non-coders in mind
✔ Over 50 ready to use features
✔ Actively developed
✔ Detailed documentation, and video tutorials
✔ Responsive support
✔ Helpful

Atavism 2019.1.2 is released

Atavism 2019.1.2 is officially released.


Atavism 2019.1.2 patch, as usual, comes with some fixes, but also Ataivsm Editor got an additional feature which will let you to permanently delete entries from the database.

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