Atavism Live Demo was updated to the newest Atavism 2019.1.0 version, so now you can pick the promised Orc Race. It would be hard to present all elements which are included, but among them are Minimap, and Loading Screen. You can check changes in details here.

Join us at our discord and let us know what you think about it.

Atavism 2019.1 is officially released.

Here are some numbers for you, so you could know how much work it cost us :)

Over 300 improvements, new features, and fixes. Over 510 server builds to provide you the best possible quality. Among minimap, and loading screen, we are providing promised Orc Race for UMA, performance improvements which will speed up server logic by 20-200x, and on top of that RPG & MMO UI 6 for all Ataivsm clients with valid 2019.1.0 license. Of course, we couldn't forget about new Atavism Editor, which is the graphics tool in which you are configuring all Atavism related elements, so we speed up this important element, made it simpler and more intuitive, updated included help, providing better management and multilingual support.


As usual full release notes can be found on our documentation page.


In the dragon's depths, we've made the most feature-rich version of Atavism for you. It includes Socketing, Enchanting, Item Sets, Auction House Systems, but also new Crafting Book functionality and now we are also providing Atavism Manager for Windows to simplify its installation. As the cherry on the cake, we have designed and made a fully professional user interface that is available only to Atavism customers.
We invite you to read the full release notes and check our latest version at Atavism Live Demo.



Socketing System allows you define types and amounts of sockets per type basis like runes, gems, etc. 


Enchanting System to let you level up your
players items by defining profiles and levels of enchanting.


Sets of the items define the set and its bonuses, and when you will equip them, bonuses will be added to your character.


Improved Crafting System, where we implemented leveling crafting skill using experience, but also we implemented crafting book, so you will be able to permanently learn recipes.

Auction house

Auction House, one of the biggest feature of this release, which allows you to find items by using search, filter by grade, class, race, and level, to finally purchase it from the auction.

Windows manager

Windows Manager lets you process installation
and manage your database and Atavisms
processes using easy to use and friendly