Atavism 2018 Subscription License

Based on your many requests, we are pleased to inform you that Atavism is also available as a subscription license. This type of license allows to lower the entry level into Atavism product, and it is really flexible, because, you can cancel the subscription at any time, you are not bound by a long-term contract, you can increase or reduce CCU limit at any time, for example, if you will need to run some stress tests with many users/testers, you can increase the CCU for desired

Atavism 2018.3 Preview

We are pleased to inform you that within the next Atavism big update signed as 2018.3, we will introduce many new features like:


  • Backdating for items, yes, this long time expected feature will be finally there, so if you will change any item attributes within Atavism Editor, these attributes won't be only applied to newly generated items, but also for the same items which are already in your players' backpacks,
  • Socketing, where you will be able to define and put runes, gems

Atavism Autumn Sale 2018

Vacations are over and the new school year has begun. For this occasion, we prepared Autumn Sale for Atavism Licenses and Upgrades which you can get for 20% off. If you haven't seen what Atavism is capable to, grab the Atavism Live Demo sample for free and see for yourself: https://atavismonline.com/images/AtavismLiveDemo/AtavismDemo64.msi.



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