Based on your many requests, we are pleased to inform you that Atavism is also available as a subscription license. This type of license allows to lower the entry level into Atavism product, and it is really flexible, because, you can cancel the subscription at any time, you are not bound by a long-term contract, you can increase or reduce CCU limit at any time, for example, if you will need to run some stress tests with many users/testers, you can increase the CCU for desired period and reduce it after tests if necessary. Also, it can be useful, when you are going to make a release and you don't know how large your userbase will be, and what number of active users you should expect, so it's perfect for such situation. Unused days will be always calculated as your balance, so you won't have to pay a full price between plans (number of CCU)

More about Atavism licensing models you can read here.

We are pleased to inform you that within the next Atavism big update signed as 2018.3, we will introduce many new features like:


  • Backdating for items, yes, this long time expected feature will be finally there, so if you will change any item attributes within Atavism Editor, these attributes won't be only applied to newly generated items, but also for the same items which are already in your players' backpacks,
  • Socketing, where you will be able to define and put runes, gems and other stones to items of your choice like armors, weapons, and jewels. We implemented a mechanism where you will be able to define what system should do when socketing will fail, like destroy the gem or remove all gems from the socketed item. Of course, it will be possible to define the price for the socketing item depending on the item grade,
  • Enchanting, where you will be able to define profiles and levels of enchanting, attributes bonuses and price per level basis or rather per level range basis, so for example item with enchant level 1-5 can give some strength, but for level 6-10 can give strength and dexterity, so you will be able to adjust it to your needs. You will be able to define the same as in the socketing feature, what to do when the enchant will fail, per level basis, to lower the enchant level by a number of levels or to drop the enchant level to a specific value,
  • Sets of the items, define set and its bonuses, and when you will equip them, bonuses will be added to your character,
  • Auction House, one of the biggest feature of this release, where you will be able to find items by using search, filter by grade, class, race, and level, to finally purchase it from the auction, but also you will be able to sell items or place orders for buying. We also added dynamic tree view for faster narrowing down the results,
  • Improved Crafting System, where we implemented leveling crafting skill using experience, but also we implemented crafting book, so you will be able to permanently learn recipes,
  • Improved Social Plugin, which is basically friendslist and blacklist, so if you will want to put someone on your friendslist, the invitation will be sent to a defined player. If you will have a player in the blacklist you won't receive any invitation from such player.

Atavism 2018.3 will the most feature-rich release of Atavism ever. We are also preparing many additional features which will speed up your development even more, so stay tuned.

Vacations are over and the new school year has begun. For this occasion, we prepared Autumn Sale for Atavism Licenses and Upgrades which you can get for 20% off. If you haven't seen what Atavism is capable to, grab the Atavism Live Demo sample for free and see for yourself: https://atavismonline.com/images/AtavismLiveDemo/AtavismDemo64.msi.