Atavism downgrade option

We are pleased to inform you that based on the Community feedback, we decided to officially give our clients possibility to downgrade Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) license.

Atavism On-Premises Ultra (Unlimited CCU) owners can downgrade license by choosing one of two license variants which we prepared:

  1. Atavism On-Premises Professional (3000 CCU) + Atavism On-Premises Standard (20 CCU)
  2. Atavism On-Premises Advanced (500 CCU) + Atavism On-Premises Standard

Atavism new documentation website

Dear Community,

As some of you may know we worked for some time on new documentation, to update and add some information and we think that we are ready to share new version with you. We added some information about configuration, plugins, updated screenshots and redesigned whole website with more friendly search functionality.

Let us know what you think about it, what we could improve to make it better.

Over time we will try to fill the gaps in documentation and present more use cases, we

 Atavism 2.7 is released

New Atavism 2.7 is already there, we put a lot of effort to make as many elements migrated into this release. We tested it on each stage, because of the number of changes we would like to include to ensure that this final version will be rock solid.

In the newest Atavism 2.7 version, we implemented Arenas where you are able to compete with other players, define rules like rewards, size of Arena Teams and more. You can define the required level for entry. There are two types of entry

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