Atavism 2018.1 is released

As we promised totally new, totally fresh, more feature rich than before Atavism 2018.1 is available and ready to get.

This version of Atavism comes with created from scratch Demo Scenes. Main Demo was made by one of our Partner Nature Manufacture which includes:

AtavismDemoWeatherConditionChange3 fb824

  • Foliage models by Nature Manufacture
  • Rocks models by Nature Manufacture
  • Optimized Unity Blacksmith models including special shader for snow coverage by Nature Manufacture
  • Snow System by Nature Manufacture
  • River R.A.M. by

 Atavism Roadmap

Welcome in 2019, we have hope that this year will be great for all Atavism Community. We have great news for you. We established and scheduled Roadmap for this year of Atavism development.

  1. Pathfinding (Pathfinding mostly for mobs) 
  2. Socketing for weapons and armors (so you could put gems, runs or in general socket items into the weapons and armors to improve their statistics)
  3. Enchanting for weapons and armors (so you could improve item statistics by increasing it to +1, +2, etc. with

Atavism new licensing model

New Licensing Model

Along with new Atavism 2018.1 version and it’s future progress we are introducing the new licensing model for Atavism. All present Atavism clients will remain all licenses and CCU configurations. Each license will allow you to run one Atavism world server in same time.

With new release there will be available 4 licenses of Atavism:

Atavism On-Premises Standard (20 CCU) – 499 USD

Atavism On-Premises Advanced (500 CCU) – 999 USD (previously Atavism On-Premises)


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